ABS has several Standing Committees and Task Forces to oversee and advise on a wide range of commercial banking and investment banking issues. Each Standing Committee is headed by a Council Bank representative who is Head of a Business Unit or has a Service Function, while the Task Forces are led by Product Specialists or Heads of Service Units.

The Standing Committees aim to drive and provide strategic direction for the different areas of banking within their ambit of responsibility. The role of the Task Force is to focus on specialist areas as directed by the Standing Committees.

The various Standing Committees and Task Forces are:

Standing Committee Task Force
1. Banking Operations and Transactional
• Internet Banking Security
2. Business Resilience and Continuity
3. Consumer Banking • Consumer Credit Bureau
4. Financial Markets
5. Human Resource • SPRING Excellent Service Award
6. Legal
7. Private Banking
8. Public Relations
9. Risk Management • Market Risk
• Operational Risk
• Credit Risk
• Liquidity Risk
10. Self-Governance and Compliance • Anti-fraud
• Financial Crime
11. Tax
12. Trade Services and Guarantees Processing
13. Corporate Banking SMEs
14. Finance and Accounting
15. Computerisation and Automation
16. Corporate Finance
17. Debt Capital Market
18. Structured and Listed Products